Wispy golden grass, ripe tomatoes & cucumbers, sunflowers stretching, the night lit up by the moon. Summer was a celebration.

2016 in review

I witnessed a lot of life this year. Life started, life celebrated, life in season, life welcomed, life prayed over, life pursued, life fought for. This post is just a very small, tiny glimpse into that. 

A lot of hot suns turned gold, turned blue. Too many dances beneath string lights to be counted on any limb I have. So many red faces hiding behind hands as embarrassing stories were shared. Witnessing very first breaths and very first cries. Teary eyes for loved ones only attending in spirit. The satisfied clanking of whiskey and champagne glasses as long awaited moments were finally sealed with a kiss. 

I'm pulling back a lot in 2017 and exploring other avenues of storytelling in photography which means capping off my wedding season. As of right now, I won't be booking any more weddings this year. I will still be taking newborn and family photos! Please visit my Contact Page for booking information!