The Coffee Table Book

These days its typical to receive digital copies of photos from your professional photographer. Its a really wonderful method of keeping photos and I am glad we've moved in that direction.

In receiving digital copies, its become really easy to put off developing our photos. Instead we click through our images, smiling and laughing followed by dragging and dropping to an external drive or tucking that flash drive away into the depths of a dusty desk drawer.

My desire as a photographer is for you to have your images in physical printed form. To address that I offer Coffee Table Books! To make these albums I work with a company called Artifact Uprising. Using their templates, I take your wedding photos and weave together the story of your wedding day. 

These gorgeous books are hardback and linen bound, complete with a dust jacket that has your names and wedding date. The matte pages are of the highest quality, made to withstand lots of eager flipping through. 

They are a perfect conversation piece and easy to pick up and flip through when you want to revisit your wedding day for a moment.