2014 in review

Friday, January 23, 2015

I always want to write something when I post photos.
I sit. Type. Erase. Tap my fingers against my keyboard, look at my keyboard, clean my keyboard, get up and start the kettle, tidy my desk papers, pin something, click back into my post, clear the few words I've written and publish my post of just photos. 

I want to be able to convey to the viewers of my photos what it meant to me to take them, and often words fall short. 

I have the pleasure of experiencing things not said. 
I am invited into the most private, vulnerable, and intense moments of life. 
Photography isn't something I "fell into" or "took up" its not something that "passes the time before a real career," I truly think its what I am suppose to do. 

I consider myself, whats important to me, what I am good at. All of the pieces fit together. 

It's something that surpasses trends, surpasses popularity, surpasses competition, surpasses the newest VSCO film pack. It's about preserving the thing that moves us along so quickly, the most brittle and fragile of all things, the thing that ages our skin and fades the vibrant color in our eyes, time. 

Preserving time is a significant weight, but it has been worth it beyond my wildest dreams. 

Thank you to the best clients anyone could hope for! 
Thank you for the hugs, the tears, the extra exclamation points, the cake to take home, the beer, the encouragement, the welcoming in to your families..my list could go on and on. 

Cheers to 2015!

A couple of these photos were taking while second shooting for Bethany Small at the end of summer.